Brand New iPod Shuffle

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Brand New iPod Shuffle

Postby MissingHome » Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:49 pm

I was shopping for a new usb cable because I had killed mine after three and a half years. I went into the Apple store to ask how much it was to replace it and it was $20. Which means my iPod shuffle is worth as much as the cable, which was weird. So I started looking online for a cheaper cable. I bought one off Ebay for $.99 plus free shipping. I got it and it worked once. It was definitely not worth the money or the wait through customs. So I got back to searching. I ended up going on Craigslist. While I didn't end up finding just the usb cable, I end up getting a new iPod with an usb cable fresh in it's box. I'm giving the iPod to my little brother and I'll share the usb cable.

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